A practically perfect weekend for Nicola Cogato in the third round of the Iame Series Italy at the Pista Azzurra in Jesolo: our standard bearer in the X30 Master Gentleman, after starting from second position, soon conquers the lead of the race, going to cross the finish line first under the checkered flag, alone and with a lot of fastest lap!

Unfortunately the cold shower arrives after the race, with a questionable 3-second penalty for not perfect alignment at the start, which makes us move back to second position … Jesolo Jp1 Evo / Iame X30 package by Motor Point works great: now the development is almost complete and we are competitive in every situation!

A competitiveness also demonstrated by the drivers of the other categories, with Tiberio immediately on the podium in Master Pro and Analis Popescu in constant growth, while our Mattia Caminiti in the very difficult X30 Senior pays a pledge to bad luck, showing however excellent flashes in view of the continuation of the competitive season.